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Product description feature:

  1. Support for Tuya function, it can be connected to the mobile phone via WiFi, whihc can realize remote unlocking.
  2. You can view the unlocking record through the APP, and understand the use of the door lock in time.
  3. Support fingerprints, IC cards, passwords, mechanical keys, mobile APP to unlock, a variety of opening modes are available.
  4. The addition and deletion of fingerprints and passwords are managed based on the unlock number. Intelligent voice navigation, human‑computer interaction, humanized operation.
  5. When you forget to replace the battery and cannot open the door, the USB emergency power supply can help you.
  6. Virtual password designed, you can add multiple wrong passwords before/after entering the correct password, and then press # to confirm the lock. (The anti‑peep function supports enter up to 16 digits.)
  7. Prevent others from peeking at the password, self‑checking at startup, intelligent identification, quick selection, such as fingerprint + password or card + password, etc.
  8. The door lock module is waterproof, moisture‑proof and mildew‑proof. After high and low temperature tests, it is resistant to vibration and aging, and adapts to harsh environments.