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Quality Soldering Wire: Soldering wire with rosin core and 2.2% flux, flows well and heats evenly, easy to use. Good solderability in both electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.
Good quality lead-free solder wire: Lower melting point, The melting point of the solder wire is 227 ℃. Flexible thin wire, great for home solderers. Soldering can be done quickly with the soldering wire coil.
Perfect combination: In our combination there are 2 soldering wires with different diameters (0.8 mm and 0.6 mm), net weight: 50 g; Sn 99.3% -Cu 0.7%; Flux content: 1.8-2.2%.
Environmental protection: Solder wire has less smoke and colophon splatters when soldering. Above all, it is lead-free and still runs very well on the solder joint thanks to the integrated flux.
Wide Applications: The tin-lead solder wire is intended for DIY, home improvement, repairing cables, radios, TVs, VCRs, stereos, headsets, motors, toys, circuit boards and other electrical devices.


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